Revitalizing Manual Therapy


Revitalizing Manual Therapy

Pain might be our biggest teacher. Stress might be our biggest destructor. Insights of these two together, talk about different state of human being.. Living without presence of it, is a different living.. Longer life through Revitalizing Manual Therapy..


Maybe we’ve arrived at the very interesting moments in our lives! It’s been years that many, many of the citizens of the Planet Earth, been looking for receipts, elixirs, secrets and other ways to live different, more comfortable, with more joy, longer.. Now days, many of us are doing the same. Me as the first, starting by myself.. I’ve been through enormous amount of stress and pain, in a quite short period of life. I was obliged to find a way, to start to manage myself, before “early departure” took a place.. And here I am, still alive, going for more.. The story could go for some time if we would go in details, so I’ll try to edit it for this occasion. My manual therapy helped me to overcome consequences of my injuries and traumas. I’ve been practicing over 20 years on myself and quite few others, this, what I’m sharing with you. I’ve found the way to live, I’ve found the way to enjoy, I’ve found the way to love myself, again.. My medical history is horrible and it was damn painful! I’m here now, sharing Manual Therapy in Healing Center Crete, developing my dream and enjoying it. I have combined several techniques, kinda all I needed for myself, lol.. You’ll be enjoying and discovering Revitalizing Manual Therapy, by my personal guaranty, one of the elements to live longer, with more flexibility and joy.. As my whole strategy of the body treatment is based on acupressure, you should understand more.. As I said at the beginning, we’ve arrived in the very interesting period of the life on the Planet Earth, I’ll tell you how is that in my mind. So many products, kinda all of it, giving certain guaranty on the quality, use, etc.. Now days, we can also guaranty longer human life! And it might be simpler than ever, simpler than for any other product. I’ll stop now for a while, and I go and you might as well, to, thinking time.. See you soon! In the mean time visit us in Greece, find it out, you’ll not regret, guaranteed!

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