More about the Project

We are honored to present you this creation, unique worldwide!! An idea about one humanity, equal society, global peace, funded by culture and beauty, that has been transmitted through the centuries, is now in front of you! Our vision leads that direction, and we decided to structure it in the magnificent journey! The Capital of the Planet Earth and its Healing Centers are the base of our structure. It might be that we all would like to live better and longer and have more capital to enjoy it.

That’s why this story is unique, cause it will lead us to longer life and lovely business opportunities. In our resorts you’ll be enjoying an extraordinary approach to global wellbeing and trading and investing proposals that could bring more capital! It is very simple what’s to be done about it! To get your life rebooted, refreshed, ready for more, you should stay in one of our resorts and talk it over about some business, if you would like, Reboot Your Life If you’re not in possibility to visit our resorts, you can help us grow with you by getting involved in our businesses. Just visit our Business Direction Simply use the contact forms on the pages for any interest..

Please take a look at our dream.. We wish you what we’re sharing with you:
Longer, prosperous and more beautiful life!!

The Capital of the Planet Earth
Capital’s Healing Centers