Essentially Funded

Healing Center Crete – Essentially Funded Program, concerns full Capital’s Basic Program & advanced approach to person’s problems!! Here we’ll use our techniques to organize personalized program for the particular needs of everyone, with more intense indoor & outdoor activities on athletic & pro sport level!! Suggested for people with particular needs, professional athletes, top models, artists, etc..

It will include as well:

Individual Therapy through food, per request:

Cells Regeneration

Pro Diets

Brain Busters ( recipes )

Body Busters ( recipes )

Cancer treatment

Manual & systematic therapy, per request:

Physiotherapy, Athletic Massage, Injury Recovery, Post Surgery Processes treatment , etc..

Healing Center Crete

Indoor & Outdoor activities:

Aura Cleansing

Healing Center Crete

Healing Center Crete - Avra

Body modeling

Healing Center Crete

Healing Center Crete - Senm

Functional Fun Fitness

Healing Center Crete

Healing Center Crete - Fun

Wing Chun Private

Healing Center Crete - DSC0146

Martinez Way Private

Healing Center Crete - Martinez

Chi Gong

Healing Center Crete - Chi

Specific Stretchings

Healing Center Crete - Spes


Alpha State Advancing

Healing Center Crete - Alpha

Visits to the nature with a purpose!

Healing Center Crete - In

What is included / Prices


Essentially upgraded: global wellbeing, physical power, space for energy accumulation, dynamic flexibility.

Revitalized body (organs), soul and mind! Redirection of energy flow in self healing direction!! Less pain, more flexibility, less stress, more joy, more sleep, more nourishment (organic foods), less over thinking, more clear directions of the thoughts, simplified overcome of problems, more logical solutions, more self confidence, more love for yourself, longer life.


Capital’s Healing Program Essentially Funded, pick up at the Airport and ride back, stay in the Private Bay of Istron, in Luxury Private Villa with the Private swimming pool, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, don’t forget who’s preparing it), and use of all facilities of Istron Bay!!

You pay: 7650€ per person per week.

7 days it seems longer, cause of the period that human metabolism needs to reboot. Stay is open for three and four weeks, which will be the best for your revitalizing. Requested Stay for over three weeks will take 15% of the price for the third and 20% of the price for the fourth week of the stay!! Request for the second person will automatically take 15% off the price for the second person stay, for one, two or three weeks stay, and 20% of the price for the fourth week stay!! Request for more than two persons will take 15% off the price for everyone, including the first person, from the day one of the stay, and 20% of the price for the fourth week!! In the case of the request for more than four persons, we’ll treat it as a group booking and arrange the price, depend on the number of people and duration of the stay.

Please purchase this program through: / Use the code “EF1” in the subject