Basic Program

Healing Centers

What we’re doing up here is the long term solution for possible problems, not a temporary one that you get in all spa’s.. So, got to do the real thing, really maintain, to feel the entire system.. You’ll enjoy as we do, go through this without pain and more fun. It’s our Functional Fun Fitness that will take you there with other elements from our program.

DETOX / Nutrition

Healing Centers - lmemon

To be discovered during the stay.

Following nutrition will be in a regular way of natural supply of elements. ( Home kitchen, menu offer, Andonis’s & Tony’s secrets )


Cleaning, Refreshing and Regenerating of the cells, organs, body..

Practicing in a corresponding environment for the client (personal choice).


Healing Centers - Triskleion-Vector

Healing Centers

Healing Centers

Healing Centers

Capital`s Healing Programs

Healing Centers

What this would be exactly!? The objective overview of reality which concerns the entire world you’re living in and the way journey goes. Analysis of actual situation, branching of possible, leading to solutions through logic and focusing of energy on the tippic points. A way to manage “past, present and future”, without stress presence, by making self confidence stronger and being present in the moment. Meditations, conversations, logical and absolute positive conclusions for following steps.


Simplified and more efficient approach to the subjects, situations, solutions and easier creation and following of the right / corresponding directions.

Practicing in a corresponding environment for the client (personal choice).


Healing Centers - manu

Revitalizing therapy that concerns acupressure, threat of pressure & trigger points, stress elimination, muscle and nerve systems aligning.


Activation and revitalization of inactive and inflamed parts of the body, globally less pain, less tension and pressure, better flow of the blood circulation and nerve system, redirecting of the energy flow in self healing direction, more freedom and flexibility of muscular system, different information from the body to the mind, reconnection between body and mind, more self confidence.

Practicing in a corresponding environment, possibly therapeutic room, with aroma therapy as well.


Healing Centers - inout

Wing Chun Praxis ( personalized )

Martinez Way  ( personalized )

Functional Fun Fitness


Awakening of different possibilities of movement, less stress, better flexibility of the body, functional, balancing of the muscular and skeletal system, more strength physically and psychologically, upgrading of global possibilities of the body.

Practicing indoor and outdoor.


Healing Centers - meditation

Alpha state:

Meditation through the traditional, well know approach to mind set direction, following the inner feelings and energy flow, inner conversation with the body.


A Global awakening of the human being, balancing of the drifting energy, reconnection between mind and all parts of the body, expression of self control, problem solving and regeneration of the whole system of human being.

Practicing in a corresponding environment, prepared, quite, dark place, with aroma therapy as well.

Relaxing meditations:

Analysis of the actual positions and activity of the body, any time any where.


Relaxing, enjoying the moment.

Practicing anywhere.

Thoughts focusing:

Conversation and sharing of experiences, global seeing of reality and possibilities.


Logical approach to the global situation, easier decisions, less stress for following steps of any activity.

Practicing anywhere.


Fully open, suggestions through Art, visits and activities in the nature..

What is included / Prices


Revitalized body, soul and mind! Redirection of the energy flow in self healing direction!! Less pain, more flexibility, less stress, more joy, more sleep, more nourishment (organic foods), less over thinking, more clear directions of the thoughts, simplified overcome of problems, more logical solutions, more self confidence, more love for yourself, longer life.


Capital’s Healing Program Basic, pick up at the Airport and ride back, stay in Private Bay of Istron, in Luxury Private Villa with the Private swimming pool, food (breakfast, lunch, dinner, don’t forget who’s preparing it) and use of all facilities of Istron Bay!!

You pay: 6450€ per person per week.

7 days it seems longer, cause of the period that human metabolism needs to reboot. Stay is open for three and four weeks, which will be the best for your revitalizing. Requested Stay for over three weeks will take 15% off the price for the third and 20% of the price for the fourth week of the stay!! Request for the second person will automatically take 15% off the price for the second person stay, for one, two or three weeks stay, and 20% of the price for the fourth week stay!! Request for more than two persons will take 15% off the price for everyone, including the first person, from the day one of the stay, and 20% of the price for the fourth week!! In the case of the request for more than four persons, we’ll treat it as a group booking and arrange the price, depend on the number of people and duration of the stay.


Please purchase this program through: / Use the code “BP1” in the subject.